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최대한 빵집에서 굽는다. 점수가 더 비싼 제품이 당신에게 더 많은 포인트를 줄 것이다 만들기 제품 값을 기반으로합니다.
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이 전체 농장 경연 대회입니다. 대부분의 농장 조치는 당신에게 포인트를 가져올 것이다. 업그레이드, 건물을 추가하는 도구를 구입, 워크샵을 사용하여 분무하는 것은 당신에게 포인트를 제공하지 않습니다.
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공장 게임 456 다른 작물의 하나. 그것은 양배추, 토마토 나 과일의 선택은 당신입니다 수 있습니다. 게임 온도, 계절과 날씨는 당신의 식물의 성장에 영향을 미칠 것입니다. 사실적인 게임 그래픽과 성장 패턴.

계란, 우유 및 게임 고기를 수집하는 50 가지 가축의 품종 하나. 자신 치즈, 양고기 파이, 피자, 빵, 와인, 위스키를 만들 ... 당신을 위해 더 이상 천 조리법 게임을 할 수 있습니다!

도구 및 당신을 위해 업그레이드 수백 팜을 구성하는 ... 당신은 곡물, 과일, 샐러드, 토끼, 말, 제빵, 요리 나 맥주 전문 것인가? 또는 당신은 협동 조합에 가입하고 미션과 도전 과제를 달성하기 위해 다른 플레이어와 함께 게임을 할 것인가?

도시 생활에 신물이? 그 유치의 피곤하고 농장 게임을 걸세? 이리와 가입 무료 농장 게임 및 가상 농업의 다음 수준을 재생합니다. 가능성은 무한합니다! 지금 온라인 농장 게임을 관리하고 세계 각국 선수의 수천을 가입하세요!

 09-07-16 UPDATE 1.5 on TEST SERVER    
Hi guys, it's been some time now since an update. But I took a few months to renovate FFG and re-coded the game from scratch. There is nothing really new but here I go:

Interface / Gameplay
>There is no need to load the market web page anymore as you could now access the Market (Buy, Sell, Exchange), your workshops in the current area and the Inventory from the same interface directly in game.
>Mouse scroll using the mouse wheel is enabled for most listed game item.
>Mouse over your tiles to see quick actions appear (mostly the basic actions like water, prune, feed, collect...).
>Typing is now available in Fullscreen mode.
>You no longer need to enter a number of days to pause the game. Just click on the Hibernate button in the Options screen. To remove, just click cancel in the same screen.
>Messages from a same player is now regrouped into a conversation. A some sort of chat if you will.
>You could now send the same message to multiple players by clicking their names in the game Messenger (open the contact list first). Or in the dialog interface, click on the * to add all your contacts, or the Coop button to add just your coop members. Click on their names to remove them.
>In the Messenger you could use the Add Contact to add a player to your contact list. Type the farmer name and click on the search button.
>Clicking on Eat Food, will open up the inventory with the list of edibles.
>The tools interface has only two pages instead of 3 which would make choosing tools a tad easier. Combined with the mousewheel would be even faster.
>When you run out of fuel or have no electricity for a tool, a message will pop up with a quick tool select, this will surely speed up the process of changing tools.
>The avatar for your employees could now be modified, if you really can't stand their looks for whatever reason.
>The Finance Interface has it's size increased for readability, and paying taxes, salaries and bills will no longer have a confirmation message.
>In the Inventory interface, you could see the list of your recipes and they could be sorted by favorite, last used and number of ingredients. There is now a search field too.
>While browsing your recipes, the workshop is now directly attached to the inventory interface. If you have multiple kitchens for example, click on the arrow button to select the proper workshop.
>Or directly access a specific workshop and its recipes by clicking on the Use button while mouse overing the workshop itself.
>There is a proper Cooperative interface now with the same functionalities as before.

>Redone a bit of the background image in the valley, mountain and main farm, I mainly added some grass and rocks with a better resolution.
>Removed the trees and plants around the areas to increase game performance.
>There is now only one fixed game resolution, the adaptable browser window mode.
>Decorations no longer stack, so you could purchase the same decoration twice and have two of them on the farm.

>You could no longer make Set Meals, but having a restaurant will grant your farmers a bigger endurance pool. Endurance could go beyond 1000.

>Hearthy Meal has been changed since there are no more Set Meals. It would further increase the Endurance pool of your farmers.

That's all for now, hope these minor additions would be helpful. Please let me know of any bugs by posting in the Test Forum.
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